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Last Night
14 Mar 2007, 5:51:34 pm, posted by Destiny

Last night it was about 1:00 in the morning when I woke up hearing a sizzleing noise and I was to scared to see what it was so I just waited after three seconds the fire alarm went off!!!So now I had to get up and see what happend so my dad had to get up and fix whatever happened and he comes out in his under-pants seeing that there is a fire!!!It was only a little one though so my dad goes in the bathroom and comes out with a little cup full of water.After that my step-mom comes up stairs to see what happened because she heard the fire alarm go off.And after that were talking about what happened then I go back to bed my dad puts some cloths on then a few minuts later he tells me the fire men are going to come to check it out but of course my door has to be closed so they won't bother me (like they're going to bother me!) and I only here talking and after awhile I just doze off.

Talk to you tommorrow!

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