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Busy the Whole Week
17 Aug 2005, 5:32:29 pm, posted by Destiny

It's Wendsday,cleaning day I kind of like it because you get it done and you can walk and not step on thing's.Monday we diddn't really do much at all yesterday Allie went to her shcool(North high.)with her mom(Deanna.)I went with my dad and my grandma and go to my other grandma's house to take out the dog Midnight.So we took him out twice and walked and went to some shops and ate and went to some more shops and went home and had a slumber party.Thursday and Friday I'm going to go to my Grandma's house and spend the night.

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Spending a night With Grandma
11 Aug 2005, 2:33:33 pm, posted by Destiny

On Tuseday my grandma called and said I need some company.So we went with grandma I did alot of fun things like colering,swimming,going to ice-cream shops things like that and I spent the night with her.Then we went home.

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Getting Mairried
11 Aug 2005, 2:04:19 pm, posted by Destiny

This whole week me and Allie were bord out of our minds.So we played and played and played until the parents called me so I went downstairs and told me my mom was getting mairried!Then at lunch they told us that we could wach a movie.So we wached a movie then Allie had to go swimming.And now Im doing this and Im going to a wedding tonight.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Having a Walk
4 Aug 2005, 12:59:24 pm, posted by Destiny

One day my grandpa was coming to my house from Canada.And he came to my house because he was giving us [me,Allie,and Hunter]presents.They were Canada coins,Canada 5 dollers,and Canada shirts.Anyway about the walk, after my grandpa left we went for a walk at a bike trail and we took the dogs wile we were walking and walking and walking Deanna took a break and Derek,Allie,and I went by the river and found a river frog and let it go.Then we walked back to the van and drove home.


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