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part of story redone
17 Oct 2007, 11:18:50 am, posted by Allie

A boy about 17 stands in darkness suddenly he notices a speck of light in the corner of his eye, he turns to it instinctively. The light so calm and peaceful, He starts to walk towards the light. He walks four steps and then the light goes out. Slowly in the distance the boy could hear beeping it started soft and then it got louder, so loud that he woke up startled. He stared at the ceiling for a moment trying to gather clues about the dream he just had. He had been having this dream for two months now and he still does not get it. At first it had only been him in the dark just standing there. He gets up from his bed, gets his clothes and goes into the shower. Fifteen minutes he comes back out ready and dressed for the day in a light green t-shirt with a dark green vest over it , and tan pants ,when a voice yells up from

downstairs �Anju are you ready for school ? , Anju 17 years old 5�6, short black hair dark brown eyes. He is wearing a uniform, a light green t-shirt with a dark green vest over it, and tan pants and attends Lacuna high, Anju yells back yes mom. Anju sit on his bed when

suddenly he hears a noise from the back yard. Startled he walks to his window, opens it and looks around and sees nothing so he leaves his window open and slowly walks to his door then another loud noise comes from the back yard he looks and sees, a girl in one of the trash cans by the creaky old garage, She is wearing a buttoned down jacket same color without sleeves with big round buttons strait down the front of the jacket, the buttons are grayish blue. A short skirt that is dark orange She also has on high heel long boots (dark orange), and dark orange short gloves. Anju, shocked, climbs out of his window on to a ladder attached on the side of the house, climbs down, looks at the girl with a surprised look on his face. As Anju makes his way toward the girl in the dingy trash, she tries to free herself squirming and wiggling around to get herself out of the predicament. �Are you ok Anju said, and then snapped out of it and yelled �who are you, you�re not someone sent from the island are you? The girl still trying to get out of the trash but she falls deeper and deeper into the can says �no I am not from any island" she quickly mumbles to herself or anywhere on this planet. Anju asks �Um excuse me but what�s your name? The girl says my name is Yomo Aukonisima, Yomo is 17, 5�5, dark gray-blue hair stops at mid back, green eyes, and where she lives /came from is unknown. Anju says Yomo huh, my names Anju. Anju sees that Yomo is looking for someone. Anju says �here let me help you out of there, he lifts Yomo out of the can and sets her on her feet. Yomo says �you are quite the gentleman, Anju blushes, he realizes, and snaps out of it, he says as Yomo is still looking around what are you looking for? Yomo answers �I am looking for my little sister. Anju says �I heard I loud noise before I heard you maybe that was her. �I hope so Yomo said, She couldn�t have gone far. She won't come out if strangers are near she doesn�t come up to people she doesn�t know, she is shy that way. Okay I have to go to school, so when you find her you can go in the old shed over there. Ok Anju thank you so much Yomo answered. Anju smiled, walked over to the ladder and climbs up to his window, climbs inside, gets his book bag and goes down stairs. He gets to the last few steps and Anju sees his mother sitting at the kitchen table with her head down. He slowly walks up to his mom and says, �Are you ok mom? I guess so, I am just tired she answered you've been staying up trying to find dad, haven't you? His mother nodded with despair.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Anju walks out of his house, it is a nice crisp autumn morning. As walks down the street thoughts come into his head scattering about him like hail, �why is mom still searching for dad when he is long gone I don�t get it�. He keeps on walking for with a puzzled look on his face. Then another thought hits him �who was that girl in the trash this morning, I wonder where she comes from and who she is�. Seeing the school in the distance he sees two figures in the distance. One is tall wearing an orange outfit and one smaller a grayish �blue outfit. Anju continues to walk and as he gets closer and closer he starts to recognize the figure. It was Yomo he looked forward with a puzzled look on his face� who could that be next to her�? He wondered. He keeps walking and with each step forward he gains closer to the school he sees the little girl clearer than before. She looks about 4�5 with dark gray-blue hair that stops at the shoulders in pink tails, and green eyes. She is wearing a grayish blue beanie on her head with a dark orange pom pom, a grayish-blue buttoned down jacket with sleeves that come to her elbows and has dark orange large round buttons down the front, a grayish-blue short skirt, and short grayish-blue boots. Anju walks up to the curb, stops� and looks at them and waves, Yomo waves back, during which the leaves between them swirl around with an occasional paper cup. The trees bustle with a soft soothing sound. Anju walked across the street and makes his way to Yomo and the other girl. The minute he reaches Yomo and the little girl, scared runs behind Yomo, �hi Yomo, I guess you found your sister� he said �yes� , she replied taking a break an then completing her sentence � this is Momo as I told you before she is very shy around new people�. �Oh yes, so what are you two doing at my school�? �Oh yes I forgot to tell you that we are enrolling here but I guess we are here early, my sister is fourteen so she will be in a room on the other side of the school, I also heard that students can wear what ever they want for their uniforms�. �Yes you can but those outfits might make them think that you two are from a different world�, �Oh then what do you suppose we wear Anju�? Yomo said with such innocence. �Come with me and we will go to the principal and tell her that you girls need a uniform, am sure she will help us�. Yomo and Momo follow Anju down the hall to the teachers office, they walk in, tells the secretary that they need to see the principal. She says� have a seat she will be with you momentary�; they all sit down and wait. Moments later the principal come out of her office and asks for the next person, Anju, Yomo, and Momo followed her into her office Momo shuts the door behind them. Inside the office the principal motions for them to sit down, they sit. The principal asks �what is the problem�? Anju explains the whole brief situation in less than two minutes. The principal says �very well here are two school uniforms�, she pulls out two uniforms from behind her desk. �there is one more thing, Yomo and Momo Aukonisima are enrolling here The three of them say thank you and left the teachers office. The girls went in to the nearest bathroom, went into separate stalls, and got changed. The first to come out was Yomo she wore a short black skirt, green tight t-shirt with a medium length neck line, and black medium heels with straps going up the ankle. Then Momo came out wearing a blue and white plaid short skirt with a tight t-shirt and black dress shoes with buckles and ribbons in her pink tails. �Wow you guys look great� anju stated, the girls said thank you and the three of them went down the hall together. �People should be coming soon�. Anju said, �Yes I do believe your right, but we don�t know where our locker are�? �I will help you girls find them for you�, Anju answered and then continued talking �so Yomo what is your locker number�? �Its 469� �I know where that one is, that was my old locker�

. . . . . . . . . . . .