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long time no see
11 Feb 2006, 4:45:04 pm, posted by Allie

Hi everyone. Sorry, I haven't updated in awhile. I have been busy with a lot of things. I made a new friend named Danny. She is really nice and likes anime like me. I have been working really hard in school. I have an A in gym class and a B in biology. I have signed up for next years classes. Since I love to dance, I am looking forward to my dance class. I am also taking drama because I am a drama qween, and I love to act. Home isn't going very well, I have been agruing with my mom and step-dad for awhile now. I hope that the agruing stops soon because i can't handle it any more. Anyway i hoped you guys had happy holidays and Valentine's day. I also hope you guys have had a happy new year so far. Not much has happend since I last posted, but I promise you guys out there that i will post more than I do. Thanks to all who look at my blog. My aunt Katie just had a baby on Jan. 9th. The baby's name is Karoline. My perents are calling me for dinner so I need to go, but I will update soon bye for now :)

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