Thursday, October 18, 2007

Phantom of the Auditorium by R.L Stine

Brooke's best friend Zeke gets the new role for the phantom and his directer says that the play was cursed but no one believed her. Everyone thought she was trying to trick them.Zeke really loves to dress up and scare every one on the cast so he is really in to it,mayby a little too far into it,oh well it is really fun anyway to dress up and act,but it isn't that fun when the night comes and a light comes crashing down on the stage...

What I like about the story is that most stories I mean a lot don't have phantoms in them,I don't know why because phantoms are awesome but they just aren't and this is like the only story I have ever read with a phantom so this story was exiting when I first saw it.This story is very scary and it tells kind of how to deal in Middle School when people are really mean.

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