Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bossy Steven (Sweet Valley Kids series) by Francine Pascal

This story is about two girls and a boy and their names are Elizabeth, and Jessica, and Steven the two girls Elizabeth and Jessica are identical and they have a bigger brother Steven. Elizabeth and Jessica look alike on the outside but they aren't alike in the inside. Elizabeth likes green and likes school and would play adventure or practice soccer outside, but Jessica likes pink and likes sharing secrets and likes recess and likes playing with her dolls and stuffed animals inside.Jessica and Elizabeth make a bet with their big brother Steven and then the bet is off.The bet that they make is if Steven wins a science fair the twins will have to do his chores for a week, but after a couple days the twins make another bet where their father has a birthday coming up and they tell Steven that they will make a birthday cake and he will too, and if their cake is better then the first bet is off.

I liked that the book has the bet and that Steven is bossy, and that it's suspenseful because I didn't know who was going to win the bet and it mattered who one the bet because I don't like Steven and because the twins would not be so bossy if they won.

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