Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Prom Queen (Fear Street series) by R.L Stine

Lizzy is a teenage girl that has a murderer around her school because some one has been murdered and everyone is scared and anxious about it because it was someone in their school she has friend Dawn,Simone,Rachel,and Elana. But guess what,all five of them were the chosen prom queens and they are soooo exited, but then Simone disappears. Lizzy is wondering whats going on so she goes to her house. Her parents said that she is up in her room and when she goes up to her room her room is all torn up and theres a puddle of blood on the floor in her room. She goes to Simone's window and sees a figure of a man with a sack a large sack...a human sack. She tells Simone's parents and they are sad and worried about it finally the cops come and ask questions and leave.Then Rachel is killed.Lizzy and Dawn and Elana are the only ones left they are very worried that they might be next.One night Lizzy is watching the news and the murderer is found.Now she knows that she or the other two will die.But then Elana dies...whose the murderer now??

What I like about this book is that it's about a teenager and not a kid in Goosebumps because I'm a kid and that just gives me nightmares when I read it.