Thursday, June 21, 2007

Books,Books,and More BOOKS!!!

Books can help your mind get smarter and they can get really cheap at garage sales and I am guessing that you can get a whole box for only $7.00 at an Auction.I remember I went to a garage sale quite a while a go and got five books for only .75!!I also got 6 Goosebumps (sorry!I can't review them I already have enough of R.L Stine but I still read him!!)books for only $4.99!If you go to Barnes and Noble you will only get six books for at the most (I am just adding in my head so I apologize if It's wrong.) $60.00 for six books,because it's $20.00 for two books.In Barnes and Noble books are very expensive but at garage sales they are as cheap as pencils.So go get some books!!!!


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