Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Road To Inconceivable (Abadazad, volume 1), by JM DeMatteis and Mike Ploog

A brother and sister live together (and of course have a mother) and go to a street fair and Matt gets Kidnapped!!!Kate and Matt have been reading a story for years, Abadazad, and Kate actually has to GO to Abadazad to save her little brother!!! Abadazad is a place where it has half-rabbit half-turtles and it has sour trees and it has trees that grow food - and not just apples and pears it grows hamburgers,hot dogs,and pizza. Then dessert trees grow cupcakes,cookies,cakes,and pies. Abadazad has grouchy rocks that glare at you whenever you walk by them. It just seems really cool!

I like this because it's like a fantasy book like Narnia or Harry Potter. This book is like Harry Potter and Narnia because the girl goes into a different land like Narnia and it has magic like Harry Potter. This book is also like Holes because Holes is two stories in one because it talks about Stanly the main character going into the Holes camp and then it talks about Sam and the school teacher. In this story it tells about what's happening with Kate and Matt then sometimes it just tells the story about Abadazad. I think it's neat it is also text on a page when she is narrorating and writing in her journal, and when it's telling about Matt and Kate it's in comic form.

I'm disappointed because more people need to notice it like when it was in the library I didn't even notice it, my step-mom did.I think that maybe the reason why is that maybe it should be advertised because it's not like Harry Potter book that just came out because everybody wants it, but since Abadazad is such a odd name for a book more people will want to read that too if it was advertised.

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