Friday, September 21, 2007

Mandy, by Julie Andrews Edwards

Mandy is a Orphan and is a very sweet girl and has never said a single lie in her life and she never steels thing never takes things never acts like a brat never does any of those things but when she is so curious that she went over the brick wall and found a little abandoned cottage ,she decided to keep it for her self and stole a few things and went in the cottage and lived there for a while after school.The only one she tells is her best friend, but then her best friend worries about her and has to tell the Leader of the orphanage and then what will Mandy do??

What I like about this story is Mandy is a lot like me (not in the stealing part) because I have wanted to have a little home for my self and that's because I like to "set things up" and make a room or a part of a house look nice. It is like Bridge to Terebithia ,the movie that just came out recently, because the boy and the girl find a abandoned tree house and then the boy and the girl don't tell anyone. It is very cool because they both tell a secret and you want to keep on reading because you want to find out if someone else is going to find the place too,or if someone else has discovered it and says 'This is mine go away" or something like that.

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