Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attack of the Mutant by R.L Stine

Skipper loves comic books and he has a ton of them in his room.He loves a comic book series called "The Masked Mutant" which is about a mutant who is trying to rule the universe!But then one day when he is going to the library he sees this really weird place it was kind of cool too it was reddish pink and had yellow and blue in it too..It looked like The Masked Mutant's secret headquarters!!!Did the Masked Mutant really live in this town??

What I like about the story is it is really awesome that this kid collects comics,most people these days don't collect or keep comic books anymore his comic books are cool it would just be nicer if R.L used "The Tick" or Spiderman" or "Batman" then that would be really awesome.What I also like about the story is the story seemed so long!Lots of stories seem really short and not really much of a story.

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