Friday, October 12, 2007

Monster Blood by R.L Stine

Evan has to go with his great-aunt Kathryn but she is really creepy and when he goes there he has no friends but his dog and he can't stand it there when he was walking is dog,Trigger,he actually met someone!A girl...Oh well her name was Andrea, she was at least someone his age or maybe a little bit older but they became friends.One day when they were taking Trigger for a walk they went into town and saw a toy store they went inside and it wasn't as clean as they expected,there was dust everywhere and they still did see cool thing,Evan found a can of slimy goo when they got home they Evan and Andrea played with it for a little while until Trigger ate it,it at first chocked him because he was chocking really bad!Then Evan pulled it out of the dogs mouth.Then after a few days it started growing and growing and something wierd happens.

What I like about the story is that this book also reminds me of my little brothers,they,since they are boys would pick the goo,my other sisters would not pick the goo and nor would they play with it,I guess it reminds me of me,too.The book is very well written and it tells details,too.I don't like books with too much detail but with some detail.There are other books in this series and I am looking for reading those ones too!I might write that one.

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