Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to Kill a Monster, by R. L. Stine

Gretchen and her step-brother,Clark,have to go to there grandparents house for the summer and they hate it there there grandpa is practically deaf and there grandma just wants to bake they have no telephone,no TV,nothing to do but explore.The only thing is that grandpa always eats in his bed in the morning and doesn't eat at the table and grandma makes a ton of food but when it's supper,lunch,or breakfast time she's isn't eating any of it.Nothing else weird write?NOPE,the only last thing is the upstairs room,the one with the key in it,the one that you always here weird noises from and you always see crumbs buy the door...

What I like about the book is the adventure in it.This book is a lot like other stories that have monsters in it like "Stay Out Of The Basement"the show "Power Puff Girls"except it doesn't have super heroes and fighting and it just has a monster in it that two kids try to kill.

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