Friday, October 5, 2007

How I Got My Shrunken Head by R.L Stine

Mark has always loved jungles all his life.He loves the game Jungle King that is a computer game and he loves it so much he plays it every single day.He came up with this jungle word Kah-lee-ah,he says it every time he does something good in Jungle King like not falling into quick sand or not being eaten by a crocodile or trampled by some rhinos.In the came you collect these little shrunken heads and each one you get is a point.His little sister Jessica plays but she always goes into the quick sand because she likes the noise.But then one day someone came and her name was Carolyn Hawlings and she was holding a shrunken head, a real one.Then she said it was from his Aunt Benna and she sent it for him.She stayed over that night and then the next morning she told him the new she said he and her was going to the jungle.And that's when it all started...

What I don't like about the book is the word Kah-lee-ah it's the silliest word I have ever heard in my entire life.I is like someone just made the word up and put it in a story.I mean it just bothers me and makes me want to scream!What I do like about the book is the adventure in a jungle.I loooove adventure in books.This would be a lot like a different book where someone gets lost in a jungle and they have superpowers if you have ever read one with that but if you haven't that's what this is about.This book is just a creepy jungle story that is really weird.So if you like weird creepy jungle story's this is the perfect one.

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