Monday, October 1, 2007

31 Days Of Goosebumps

I am going to be writing 31 Goosebumps for all of October because it is almost Halloween and every one can get a fright in books,too!

What I like about all the Goosebumps that they are very mysterious and kind of makes you wonder how it is put together. They are also good for young reader that are starting to read scary books because I wouldn't want to start with like Stephen King or anything just R.L Stine is better because he writes scary books but not TOO scary books I mean they are scary enough to scare a eleven year old girl I think it will be scary enough to scare you if you are a young reader and you like fearful books,just don't read this if you get nightmares easily then that's a REALLY bad idea because I don't want you to be getting nightmares just because I said that if you like creepy books read this,but if you like creepy books you can check this out if you want.

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