Sunday, October 7, 2007

Night of The Living Dummy by R.L Stine

Lindy and Kris are twin sisters and they look the same on the outside but are true opposites on the outside,that's what it's like for most twins,Lindy and Kris like to bicker a LOT,well,they don't LIKE to bicker they just do.They don't bicker all the time though they also like to tell secrets with each other and they like to do things together and they like to be ventriloquist's,well they weren't ventriloquist's at first until Lindy found Slappy then that's when the trouble started.It was one day when they were going to go look at the house next door construction workers were working on and in the dumpster their was what looked like a child at first that's really what Lindy and Kris thought it was,but when they went closer they saw it was a dummy and they didn't need to worry,but when they found the dummy of course Lindy had to have it,Kris got jealous.Then she asked her father for a dummy too.Her father said it was to much money but then a few days later she got a dummy from her father.She called him Mr.Wood,she loved him and practiced and practiced,until one day the dummy slapped her and started saying bad things...

What I like about the book is the cover looks creepy,VERY creepy,and this book is like Chucky and another movie with a dummy but I don't know the name of it.This book is also like the series of Valley Kids with two twins except this book is horror.

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