Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stay Out of the Basement by R.L Stine

Margaret and Casey's father is doing some experiments in the basement and he tells them not to go down there but of course when he leaves the basement they go down there,that's when they meet all his weird plants that is down there like a real live breathing tree and some other really cool plants.But that's when the experiments are starting to get a little too far and their dad is starting to do a lot of weird things like sprouts are coming from his head and he is eating plant food...

What I like about the book is the weirdness because whenever there is a book and it has the craziest cover ever it's gotta be mine when I've got the money.Because this book has a really weird cover I mean like who usually sees books with a green hand coming from a door with all these vines rowing all over it!This book is a scary book,but I don't think it is scary enough.This book is like "You Can't Scare Me!" but with leafy green monsters instead of mud monsters.

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