Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Beast From The East by R.L Stine

Ginger and her identical twin brothers ,Pat and Nat,are going are going to a camping trip with their parents and go deep into the woods.First of all when they got there they got lost plating hide and seek.Not a problem at all,Ginger had to go to a dumb nature camp anyway,but then when they get deeper in the woods everything is very strange,the trees are huge and the bushes are and plants are purple and the grass is a dark yellow.Then Ginger and her brothers meat the beasts from the east,they look like huge gorillas with their fur blue and their skin a raspberry sort of coser with blueberry in it,too.But then the beasts say they want to play tag,not a kind of "Tag Your It!!"it's more of "Tag you are it the winners live and the losers get eaten" kind of tag...

What I don't like about the book is the cover,R.L calls them beasts but from what they look like on the cover I think they are cute especially with the fangs.Maybe they should just add red eyes and toe nail fungus that is what I like about the cover is the cuteness.What I do like about the book is I love nature and I would love it if I was there and I would probably call my dad with my cell phone!Or I would say "No I am not playing this game!!!!I also love the name Ginger because I also like the spice.

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