Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Haunted Mask by R.L Stine

Carly Beth gets teased at her school and she doesn't like it like most people but she can't help not to ignore them.This month she is getting teased because of her Halloween costume and this year her mom wants her to be a duck but she of course is not going to be that for Halloween she wants to be something else that will scare the wits out of those boys.When she gets a mask a really scary mask.She loves it but she didn't get to scare those boys on Halloween,but there is something weird about that mask,she's still wearing it...

What I like about this story is this book is about Halloween and it is almost Halloween!!!This book is not that scary but it is scary a little bit.This book is also cool because lots of people want to pay there friends back but they shouldn't and this book is kind of like a moral in a way telling kids not to pay their friends back,just don't be friends with them or just ignore them and go on with your day without thinking about them.

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