Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zeke Hatfield and The Ghost Named Rocky, by John Barrett

In Silver Dollar City there has been someone steeling candy from the candy store. Zeke thinks it's a ghost so he tells everyone that it's a ghost and he'll catch it, so he gets a board a bird cage and some candy. He puts board on the ground puts the candy on the board and ties the bird cage on a tree. After a while Zeke comes back with the candy gone and the bird cage on the ground with the invisible ghost inside! He picks up the cage slowly and puts a rock on the ghost's foot as fast as he can. He runs to the news reporter and gets his picture taken on the front page in the news paper!Is it really a ghost??

What I like about this book is Zeke always makes mistakes in these books and It's like real life because everyone makes mistakes, it's like a moral in a story.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Baby Unicorn, by Jean and Claudio Marzollo

Star is a baby unicorn and was just born her parent's named her star because of the mark on her forehead looked like a star in the sky.Star's father has to go check on the other seven unicorns because the dragons are near and they don't want the dragons to hurt them so Star's mom has to use the house spell on star.What bothers Star most of all is that her horn hasn't grown all the way yet,but she needs her horn to use the Eight-Horn Friendship Spell to make the dragons not evil or else there won't be any unicorns any more!Will star grow her horn in time??

What I like about the book is it has a moral it is bravery is always good and prevents evil. And that moral is a strong one.