Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angus and Sadie, by Cynthia Voigt

Mister and Missus lived on a farm that they owned,but they wanted a dog, a dog that could watch the farm and help with the chores.So they decided they will get one in the spring.They wanted a Boarder Collie Mongrel,once spring came they got two Boarder Collie puppies a big strong black one, Angus, and a little brown sorrow one, Sadie. Angus grows up to be strong,clever,and brave.Sadie grows up to be well...Sadie isn't a fast learner and she doesn't obey that well either...she might need some work.

What I like about this story is that I love big friendly dogs and I like this book because all this book is about is two sweet dogs who grow up on a farm and this book is about their adventures on the farm.What I don't like about this book is that Mister and Missus aren't that smart.Like when they chose half boarder collie half mongrel,mongrels are mutts so they would have to get a boarder collie or just a boarder collie half some other dogs they wanted.And when Missus sells vegetables Sadie is with her,even though she has to tell everyone she doesn't like people or kids,I would put the dog in the house,not have kids coming up and wanting really badly to pet the dog!The people in here are just really weird...

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hotel for Dogs, by Lois Duncan

Liz and Bruce have to go to their Dad's Aunts house until they find a house of their own,Liz and Bruce don't like it at all,especially Liz because she had to leave her dog,Bebe,because their Great Aunt Alice is allergic to dogs.After a few days when they were living there a dog wandered into the house during supper and went up into Aunt Alice's sewing closet,after supper Liz told Bruce about what she saw and they went looking for her.They found her in Aunt Alice's sewing closet with three puppies!They gave them some of the leftover meat loaf from that night.they both decided that the next day Liz will say she had a stomach ache and will stay hom so Aunt Alice wont sew because that's Liz's bedroom,and she will take care of the dogs.Then Bruce will go to school and think of a plan.But then more dogs that need to be fed,groomed,walked,and cared for are stepping into their lives!What will they do!?!?

What I like about the story is that I love dogs and I think I would just keep two of the dogs and not keep them around Aunt Alice then give the other dogs to people in my family who could take care of them or just give them to people who could take care of them.This book is kind of like Junie B. Jones books where she would find the dogs and keep them in her room and give the ones she can't fit to her friends and her teacher.This book is a very good book because it explains every thing that is going on very clearly and it gives you the idea of what's going on right away.

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