Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shipwrecked (Junie B. Jones Series), by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones is a first grader and in this story everyone is getting sick and her class is having a problem with it they all plug their noses because a kid name Roger threw up and Junie B's. class thinks that they would get all his germs up their noses so they have to eat lunch with their noses plugged and that's hard so finally they unplug their noses and they feel much better after that their nurse comes to their classroom and talks to them about viruses after they talked about that Junie B's class finds out that they will be in a play!!!Mr.Scary said that the play will be about Christopher Columbus and that for their homework they would have to find some facts about him to go in the play.Junie finds 18 facts and in the play she is a ship.

What I like about the book is that the book makes you feel scared when Junie B. and May (someone in Junie's class) almost fall on top of each other because May bumps Junie's ship really hard.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boss of Lunch (Junie B.Jones series) by Barbara Park

Junie B. is about a little girl that is in first grade and acts like a kindergartner A LOT.In the story she gets a new lunch box and how exiting is that for Junie B!She just can't wait to open it at lunch.So while she is at school she gets in trouble by her teacher Mr.Scary for the second time.Finally it's lunch time so she eats her lunch and everyone else is having a hoagie for lunch from their BOUGHT lunch instead of their BROUGHT lunch.And then she is done before everyone and her best friend Herb has a sugar cookie on his tray and Junie B. just HAS to have it and she asked him and he said yes and breaks it in half so she eats the half cookie and it reminds her of a special person that was the snack lady from kindergarden last year and her name is Mrs.Gutzman and she asks if everyone remembers her and almost everyone remembers her and all her friends say that she works right in the cafiteria so Junie B. jumps up and goes right in the cafiteria and yells MRS. GUTZMAN!MRS.GLADYS GUTZMAN!WHERE ARE YOU!IT'S ME!And guess who comes out?Ofcourse Mrs.Gutzman.In the end of the book we learn that everyone makes mistakes and you don't always get yelled at in the mistakes you make and you sometimes get another chance.

What I like about the book is that Junie B. is funny like when a little girl says something funny but they don't know it's funny and don't understand why everyone is laughing at her like Junie B. says that she is good with sponges because she was once practicing for the carnival and threw sponges in her toilet.

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