Friday, May 25, 2007

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading is something you can do during the summer where you have to go to Barnes & Noble to get a sheet of paper wich says Barnes & Noble Summer Reading and take that then do whatever you were doing there, then go home and read 8 books and write them down on that sheet and hand that in between May 29th and September 2nd and then you'll get a free book!!(It's for grades 1 through 6)You should fill out two forms before the summer so that you can read more in the summer.Another thing,on the sheet in tiny print it says that you can only have two sheets per person so don't make like four then hand them in because then they won't let you have four coupons.

What I like about it is that you get free books just for filling out a piece of paper.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Prom Queen (Fear Street series) by R.L Stine

Lizzy is a teenage girl that has a murderer around her school because some one has been murdered and everyone is scared and anxious about it because it was someone in their school she has friend Dawn,Simone,Rachel,and Elana. But guess what,all five of them were the chosen prom queens and they are soooo exited, but then Simone disappears. Lizzy is wondering whats going on so she goes to her house. Her parents said that she is up in her room and when she goes up to her room her room is all torn up and theres a puddle of blood on the floor in her room. She goes to Simone's window and sees a figure of a man with a sack a large sack...a human sack. She tells Simone's parents and they are sad and worried about it finally the cops come and ask questions and leave.Then Rachel is killed.Lizzy and Dawn and Elana are the only ones left they are very worried that they might be next.One night Lizzy is watching the news and the murderer is found.Now she knows that she or the other two will die.But then Elana dies...whose the murderer now??

What I like about this book is that it's about a teenager and not a kid in Goosebumps because I'm a kid and that just gives me nightmares when I read it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake (Goosebumps series) by R.L Stine

Sarah is going to Camp Cold Lake but she hates to swim... well she likes to swim just not everyday and she likes to swim in clean pools not yucky dirty lakes,but she has to go there anyway. When she gets there she isn't doing very well already she walks into there and there are three girls they don't get along with they are making fun of her the whole time. Sarah thinks of something she thinks that she should pretend to drowned and when she does it she actually does do it she drowned.When she does drowned at first she saw two yellow lights and it was cold really cold. After that she saw her self on shore and the trees were bare and it was even colder. She ran to her cabin but it was locked. She heard singing very soft singing when she saw who was singing she asked who she was the person said that her name was Della and she kept on asking to be her buddy because they always need buddys when you swim in the lake. She ran she kept running then she found her self breathing and was on the shore again and saw everyone crowding her after some time she keeps on seeing Della then she would dissapear but then after that Sarah is through she runs to her cabbin gets a T-shirt on and runs to the forest and runs. Della appears and tells her why she keeps on showing up. Will Sarah live?

What I like about this book and series is I like to scare my self with these books and trust me you will probably get scared too.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Karen's Pony Camp (Baby-Sitters Little Sister series) by Ann M. Martin

Karen is a little girl that is seven and is in second grade she has two families and she lives with her mom and step-dad and she visits her father every other weekend her dad has a mansion and her mom has a small house she is going to a pony camp with her best friends Hannie and Nancy she is sooo exited about it but when she gets there she has to pick out a horse she picks out a palomino Diablo he is just beautiful but after a while older kids make fun of her and Nancy is afraid of riding Hannie rides too much they aren't having much fun.

What I like about the story is that it has ponies in it and horses and I am all over ponies and horses and if there is a book with animals especially when it's with horses or ponies.

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