Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Hare Day by R.L Stine

Tim absolutely loves magic tricks and he would do anything to go to one of Amaz-O's show.He asked his parents but they said no because it was so late at night.Then he sneaks out of the house the night of the show (and he has to take his bratty little sister with him or she will tell his parents he's sneaking off!) .But then when he got there he volunteered for a trick.But what he didn't know was he had to disappear. When he disappeared he just went in the basement of the place and he found Amaz-O's secret magic tricks but they aren't just secret they are scary like the snakes that come out and balls that multiply and bounce every where in all directions...

What I like about the book is that magic is fun and anyone can learn it and magic just will lite up a persons day.What I don't like about the story is that magic tricks are pretty cool just magic tricks aren't supposed to be scary there supposed to be fun and suprizing not like killing magic tricks thats just...not normal.

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