Monday, October 15, 2007

Return of the Mummy by R.L Stine

Gabe is going to Egypt and he is a little nervous from the last incident he had with the mummy's so he isn't so sure about going ,but he goes anyway.When he gets there he has to meet his uncle in the airport.At first he thought his uncle was going to come in dressed as a mummy or dressed as something else and embarrass him.When his uncle did pick him up he actually wasn't dressed as anything!!After a few days in Egypt Gabe's uncle gave him a necklace with a scarab bug in it (it is a type of beetle that the Egyptians believed it was good luck.)After that they were going to Gabe's Uncles pyramid that he worked in.When they finally got in a pyramid they saw a walking mummy coming toward Gabe's Uncle...

What I like about the story is I like social studies and we are learning about archaeologists and that's what this book is also about is archaeologists and they are trying to find a tomb with a specific person inside.I also think Egypt is very interesting.The book is also kind of confusing too because you kind of had to figure out what was happening.

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